Wany Toys is the department of Wany S.A. specialized in engineering and manufacturing services dedicated to the Toys industry.

With a strong focus on embedded technologies and cost effective solutions in term of Bill Of Material (BOM), the teams of the Wany toys department design and develop innovative toys allowing toys manufacturers or toys brands to capture more market share and more visibility on the market by gaining a real competitive advantage with cutting edge features at the best price point.

Wany's Toys deparment provides to its customers a global solution from proof of concept development to final product prototyping and manufacturing management with associated services such as qualifications (FCC, CE, RoHS), quality testing and technocal studies. Everything is always done exactely in time according to the planning of the new toy project and exactly according to the marketing product requirements provided by our customer.

Technologies know-how offered by Wany Toys deparment include hardware and software, embedded systems, wireless communications, advanced sensors, mechatronics design, dedicated artificial intelligence and many different options of signal processing.

The team of Wany Toys has been working for almost a decade with major companies in the Toys industry to push innovative products on the market. See our references or do not hesitate to fill in the contact form in order to directly contact us for more information about our services.