The Tuning Monster.

More than a remote controlled car

Customizable remote control car with real tuning features

This multifunction radio controlled car comes equipped with a 'digital proportional' mode for even more precision in your driving. Think you've seen and tried it all? You can now transform your Tuning Monster thanks to its kit. In no time at all your car becomes a Monster of Tuning! The car changes both its look and its performance: accelerate, swing, break and drive faster. Quickly check your remote control to find all the info you need! Look out for the diodes that light up; a red diode signals overheating and an orange diode signals a fuel problem. There's only one way to restart your car: insert the right barcode card into your car. Get your game on!.


General features
  • At last, an all new concept: a radio-controlled car with real tuning features and unbelievable performances.
  • The set includes one car and 2 tuning kits that allow transformation of the sport car into an incredible racing car. The tuning changes the outlook of the car but also its mechanical performances: maximum speed, acceleration, steering, brakes...
  • On the remote control, push the boost button and the car will go full power. The player can also choose between the sounds of the motor or listen to trendy music; on the speaker the removable ring allows a control of the volume.
  • Like in a real car, the indicators will blink when turning and the brake light works. At night, the pilot can switch-on its head-lights.
  • With the body kit (esthetic), the car shines even more: side skirts with blue neon lights, headlights blinking and horn sound when accelerating. Some red like flames are even coming out from the exhaust!
  • The pilot will be able to control real time on the remote its gasoline level and the temperature of the engine. A glance on the LCD screen gives information on the speed, the distance covered, and the level of performance of the vehicle which varies according to the combination of the elements plugged: spoiler and engine...
  • It is important for the pilot to check the gasoline level and temperature of the motor as when their led start blinking it is time to insert the card to refill the tank or cool the engine and continue playing. The boost button increases the consumption and in order to avoid refilling the tank too often, an "EasyDriver" card is also included.
  • The rechargeable battery of the car can be plugged to the charger included
Pictures and Videos

Tuning Monster interactive RC car

Included in Majorette Tuning Monster pack:

  • 1 Tuning Monster remote control car
    • 40x16x13cm
    • Maximum speed from 10km/h up to 20km/h
    • Gasoline tank simulation
    • Oil temperature simulation
    • configuration card reader
    • tuning compatibility

  • 2 tuning kits ( 13 elements )
    • different engines
    • different hubcabs
    • different spoilers
    • different hoods
    • different side skirts
    • different hooks
    • different front bumpers
    • different back bumpers

  • 1 Remote control
    • Music sound
    • Digital screen displaying :
      • Current speed
      • current gasoline level
      • Current oil temperature
      • Current level of performance

  • battery charger

  • battery