Wany Toys offers a wide range of services from product development to product industrialization capabilities. We can satisfy your design and logistic needs with a team of highly skilled managers, engineers and technicians having decades of experience in industrialization process. Utilizing state of the art technologies, our staff can respond rapidly and efficiently to your requests and bring your product from concept to realization.

Spykee Cell

Meccano / Erector Bluetooth remote controlled Spykee Robot


Spykee Cell has been developed by Wany Toys to enlarge the range of robotic products of Meccano / Erector.

SpykeeCell offers unprecedented features such as audio and video streaming over Bluetooth, Hands free mode and Ipod remote control.

In order to achieve this level of functionnalities, Wany Toys Engineers leveraged on their experience to design a truly innovative product in the shortest possible development time.

Spykee Cell has been publicly released before Christmas 2009 and has not competition on the market.

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Carrera Evolution Pro-X

Wany Toys and Carrera brought a major shift in the slot racing products.

Switching from analogic to digital allowed Carrera to differentiate from its competitors and offering to customers a fresh gaming experiences thanks to new features such as line changing, pit stops and wireless controllers.

Wany Toys provided assistance at all stages from the concept for Evolution Pro-X to the prototyping and the manufacturing.

today, almost all the slot racing brand has swhitched to digital technology to try to compete with Carrera and its successful line of slot racing circuits.

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Carrera Evolution Pro-X slot Circuit, animated by Wany

Carrera Wireless

Carrera Wireless, animated by Wany

Carrera and Wany Robotics partner to develop a value added accessory.

Carrera products lines took advantage from the Wany Robotics’ technologies and know-how, especially in the area of the consumer oriented wireless communications.

Carrera Wireless accessories kits allow owner of traditional slot racing circuit to control their car wirelessly with an extraordinary accuracy and no time delay.

The technologies used in these products were developed by Wany’s engineers and adapted to fit a convenient and cost effective consumer product.

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Tuning Monster

This remote control car allows to modify either performance and/or aesthetic using many components in kit form that will double the performances of the car and transform it into a monster which will impress kids.

 Tuning Monster remote controlled car designed for Majorette



TankBots are real robots able to understand where they are and how they have to play in the game. Create your own mini battlefield and play against a friend, on your own against another TankBots, or pit two against each other and watch the fun.

TankBots toys
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Zig Zag Zog



Zig Zag Zog

Animated with our infrared sensors and embedded software, this mobile interactive toy makes play captivating for young kids (from 3 years old).

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Shooting autonomous moving toy able to detect obstacles and avoid them to move freely..

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The first ever toy with real Artificial Intelligence.The more you win against the A.I. controlled robot, the "smartest" your robot will be!

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